Best Tripods for Mobile Phones

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Mobile phone on a tripod

Tripod had no huge uses before the short video platform was created but it is not the only reason for people to purchase a tripod. Most of the people in India love to film the beauty of nature and record videos for online classes. Its obvious tripod is most essential if you are filming something or making short videos.

If you would think how a tripod for mobile is helpful? Well, you want a perfect photo of something but the photo getting shaky because of your unstable hands. In such a case, the best tripod can provide better stability for the shake-free image.

Nowadays there are various kinds of tripod brands selling tripods for mobile phones. Which will help you to choose your desired tripods according to your need. Just relax and sit tight we have shortlisted various types of tripods for mobile phones under your budget.

Best Tripods for Mobile Phones

What should you care for?

Material of the Tripod

The tripods for mobile phones come with many kinds of materials like steel, fiber, Aluminium, and stainless steel. But why does material matter in the case of tripods for mobile? Meterial responsible for 4 situations if you could have a tripod

  1. Lite Weight: The lite weghtness of a tripod helps to carry it to anywhere you want, thats why this is the major factor. The role of the material perform a vital role here, The weight of the tripod depens on the meterial used in tripod. Aluminum made tripods eventually a little heavier then other material tripods.
  2. Better Stability: Stability of tripod is the prime factor that makes someone to buy a tripod. Because our hands are not always good for the photo click but a tripod can do that with 100% accuracy if you fitted it properly. So it is necessary that tripod might have build with good material & not very much lite in weight. That means lite in weight is lesser in stability. so to avoid stability issue buy Aluminum or steel tripods for mobiles (Syvo WT 3130 Aluminum Tripod (133CM), Universal Lightweight Tripod with Mobile Phone Holder Mount & Carry Bag for All Smart Phones).
  3. Broken Chances: No one can ever guarenty that this item could not be break. Never trust what seller is saying, not All time material quality is not responsible for low quality product. That means the tripod made with aluminium and buid qulity is poor or very thing size and not stable for filming. In such case there is many chances the product to be broke.
  4. Dent or Scrtches: Generally dent happens hollow materials & every tripods for mobiles or also for DSLR cameras are hollow design. Because hollow design are very lite in weight & good for portable. So this is not the issue if mobile tripods are biud with qulity meterial and having good build qulity.
Never take advice from product owners listed on online shopping sites. Always read the customer reviews or buying advice blogs if you are investing your money on tripods for mobiles. It is good to buy aluminum or ABS tripods designed for mobile phones. Because these are not very but little lite in weight and good for remain steady. As a benefit, you can avoid stability issues, Broken issues, and can portability issues.

Legs of Mobile Tripods

The legs of the tripods are the prime factor specification to consider in mobile tripods. With the help of the muscular legs, the tripod became capable to remain steady for filming or photo shooting. So there are mo many prime functions that work to steady tripods by the legs, such are

  • 3 or 4 Section Legs: Wide-angle Sectional legs are very helpful for a tripod while filming. For this, it can bear a little bit of pressure applied by the camera person and maintain the stability to help the camera person to rotate the rotation head properly. The 4 section legs Tripods are more stable than the 3 sections, both are good but the 4 section legs provide more control.
  • Non-Slip Rubber: It is very helpful if you are filming on a super fine or flat slippery surface. It helps to stick the tripods on fine surfaces for not to slip over them. It is plugged under the legs of the tripods.
  • Shaft Jacking System: It is the function that helps the tripods to control the height according to the need. It can be observed as. one of the prime specifications of the tripods for mobile phones.

Smooth Mobile Holder

If you want to use your mobile phones for filming or photoshoot on tripods then it might be an expensive one. You have to check the mobile holder you are buying is smooth or not. If you think it would hold your mobile tightly & cause scratch then my advice never goes for that.

Try the above-listed tested mobile tripods that are designed with better mobile holders.

Rotation Head

The rotation head provides a 360′ angle rotation function for shooting any movable scene or a wide range of filming. It should be flexible or smooth. It is the mandatory feature for every tripod not matter it is for DSLR or for mobile phones.

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