Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees

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Best Earphones Under 500 Rupees
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61bKM6CSSFL. SL1500
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What should You Look for in Earphones Under 500 Rupees?

  • Noise Cancellation: It is an amazing feature an earphone must-have. It helps to cancel interrupted noise during a phone call. In the range of under 500 rupees earphones, most of the earphone brands are not providing such features but some have. kindly check before buying it.
  • Earphone Weight & Length: Weight and length do not matter so much if you are buying an earphone for under 500 rupees in India. With such a price, most of the good quality earphones come with wired which are very light in weight and average of 1.2 meters in length. Just don’t worry about the weight & length it would be very light.
  • Voice Assistant: Nowadays Voice command is the most essential operation in every smartphone. If you are buying any wired earphones below the price of 500 always check for that feature to operate your smartphone.
  • Single Button Operation for Calling & Music: Most wired earphones have a single button to play or pause the music and receive or end the calling function. Which is also used for voice assistance to operate smartphones with the user’s voice. If you are going for the earphones under 500 rupees then check for this function is available or not.
  • High Definition Music: The best earphone always serves high-definition audio. All claim that they are providing the best earphones with HD sound quality. Buy this is not true. Always check the reviews of customers if you are buying any earphones or headphones from online shopping sites. Aswell trust us we check all earphones carefully and list them on our site for you.
  • Warranty (Important): In my opinion always go for those earphones which are providing quality customer support & a warranty minimum of 1 year.
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